singing classes FALL 2018

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“Kate’s group classes are a perfect model of how a skilled teacher assesses individual students’ abilities and then takes them from where they are to as far as they can go. Her ability to create an encouraging and collegial atmosphere greatly enhances the joy of learning.” —Ann B.

“If you take a singing class from Kate Hammett-Vaughan, you get to learn from a gifted vocalist and musician; a gutsy, talented, and conscientious teacher who’s great at making complex musical concepts accessible and empowering her students to take risks; and a kind and supportive human being. Plus you’ll have fun!” —Donaleen S.

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Join Kate for one of her spring or fall classes at her home studio. This intimate environment gives the students an opportunity to learn and interact in a friendly and fun group setting.

Classes I have taught in the past

Enhancing Your Performance SOLD OUT

“Not every great performer can teach what they do. Kate’s very good at getting to the essentials and has lots of tools to offer . “ – Janet T. (workshop participant)

“OK, my life is changed. I feel more confident and alive on stage. I can’t believe I spent so much time worrying and so little time just enjoying singing.” —Camille N..

Anxious about performing? Or maybe you just need new tools that allow you to be inside the music, not inside your head. Make friends with the audience while you sing. Become more expressive. Start really enjoying the act and art of singing!

Classes Tuesdays , February 6, 13, 20, 27 and March 6
6:30-8:30 PM East Vancouver
Class size limited to 6 singers
Fee: $200


6 THURSDAY evenings, September 29-November 3, 2016
This intimate class offers tips and tools for shaping your personal performance. Working with a selection of classic jazz standards, students will learn more about repertoire preparation, working with a microphone, phrasing, interpretation and performance. Five nights of preparatory workshops culminate in the 6th week with an intimate concert/performance with a great jazz accompanist. Bring a friend to the final performance!


6 THURSDAY evenings, January 26-March 9, 2017
6:30-8:30 PM KateHV Music Studio, East Van.
1 PERFORMANCE Sunday, March 12 begins 3:30pm at the Cottage Biatro (Main and 29th)

Open to 10 singers

6 studio classes and one live performance in a club.

Sing your songs solo at each class, work with a microphone, and work on phrasing and improvisation. Learn how to make friends with the audience.

1 public performance at the Cottage Bistro on Main Street. Guaranteed to be warm and friendly.
2 sets of live music! .
2 world-class musicians accompanying you on a real stage! A jazz guitarist and a bassist.

Learn how to:
Communicate with musicians.
Count in your songs in in real time performance without nerves!
Improvise clearly with melody and rhythm, with or without lyrics.
Enjoy your time on the stage.
Make friends with the audience.
To book your space in advance, contact help!

The GREAT AMERICAN SONG BOOK: The Composers and Their Songs

Part 1 of this fun and informative class was sold out and a big hit. Singers of all levels are welcome to this class that looks at the composers of some of the greatest songs of the last hundred years. From Irving Berlin to Burt Bacharach, these composers made a cultural contribution that will never be equalled. Each evening will be dedicated to a single composer. We will sing 6 songs each evening and learn about the composers lives, what inspired their timeless songs, and more. Lots of group singing, no music reading skills necessary. One composer per week!

Take all the music home with you, expand your repertoire!

Class size is limited to 20 singers. Pre-registration is recommended. Contact me by e-mail with questions or to register.

American Song Book students say:

“What a wonderful class! So many great songs and wonderful stories. I loved it. ” —Janet P.

“Thanks Kate! So well researched and presented. And now I have new songs for my next gig..” —Paula T.

“I was impressed by the depth of the research and the number of wonderful new songs that I learned.” —Bill L.


**6 Monday evenings • TBA

Maximum enrolment 6 Vocalists
Register by email to help!

A small group studio class, Sing It and Swing It! has room for a maximum of eight singers. We will learn two essential swing classics each week, songs that are enjoyed by jazz vocalists all over the world. Explore song form, rhyme scheme, and melody while we learn simple and effective methods of changing the phrasing (rhythm) and the melody. Take the song sheets home with you.


**5 Monday evenings • TBA

Maximum enrolment 6 Vocalists
Register by email to help!

A perfect followup to Sing It and Swing It! Short and to the point, this intimidation-free class is ideal for anyone wanting to learn the basics of scat singing/soloing. Lots of simple and clear ideas to help you launch your solo and shape it to fit your song and your mood. Take home helpful handouts to remind you of the approaches, then hit the jam sessions with confidence!

TIPS, TRICKS & TOOLS: Jam Session Magic

**4 Friday evenings • TBA

Maximum enrolment 6 Vocalists
Register by email to help!

If you are a singer, you are a Leader. These four early Friday evening classes pack a punch. Come after work, avoid rush hour, have a cup of tea, and head home with new leadership skills and a head full of new ideas. We will work on all the topics each night so that you get familiar with the concepts and get to try them out live.
Planning a set of music that really works
How to count your band in effectively and get the tempo and groove YOU want.
Bandstand language that instrumentalists understand.
How to choose a key that works for you AND the band.
What makes a jam session chart work for you AND the band.

Class size is limited to 12 singers. Pre-registration is recommended. Contact me by e-mail with questions or to register.

Kate’s students say:

“Kate is very generous in sharing her astonishing expertise, and her teaching style is warm and utterly non-threatening. I started out feeling nervous but very quickly shifted to feeling excited and inspired… (Kate is) a talented and inspiring professional. ” —Jane F.

“Eye (and ear) opening for me. I go to jam sessions now feeling confident and happy.” —Mary K.

“Kate’s essential.” —Tina T.

master class: how it works

Each participant sings one song. You must bring a lead sheet/chart for your song.

5:45 pm
Doors open.
6–6:30 pm
Meet each other. Enjoy a cup of tea and cookies while we check your chart and get ready to sing.
6:30–8:30 pm

Each participant sings, receives feedback, and sings again.

Kate will make a digital video recording of your session so you can learn even more. Bring a USB flash drive with you so you can take your film home.

reviews from participants and observers

“This was an intimate class, masterfully orchestrated by Kate. The atmosphere was supportive and fun. Her easy-going, warm teaching style put everyone at ease and allowed us all to express ourselves fully.” —Jenny D. (participant)

“I had a wonderful time at the music session last night. It was a new experience for me….and very exciting.” —Jeremy M. (observer)

“A warm, and cozy environment, and a wonderful and insightful evening. Kate articulates her ideas and concepts is an eloquent, thoughtful and intelligent way.” —Susan G. (participant)

“I took a lot away from this class and recommend it to anyone who wants to understand more about jazz singing and their own strengths and weaknesses.” —Maria N. (participant)

“I highly recommend these intimate Master Classes. Kate’s class combines singers and observers. With superior instruction and the accompaniment of a great professional keyboardist, we gained insight into the nuances of communicating with accompanists, creating song charts, counting-in tempos and much more.” —Jim P. (observer)

“I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the evening – it’s rare to find a group of like-minded NICE people where I can feel safe to “expose” myself and have fun doing it.” —Suzette T. (participant)